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Speaking of contest entries and arty fun things and having a little too much time on your hands, I thought I'd go ahead and post something fun! And more than a little dorky, haha. Let me know if you'd like it behind a cut!

Some background: I've been working on putting together a movie-based West Side Story Barbie doll collection for a month or so, since Mattel doesn't seem to want to oblige me. This is Maria, which should hopefully be pretty obvious! I haven't been able to figure out which doll she is (thank you, eBay) but the dress is an altered Puerto Rican Barbie dress, which amuses me very much. (Maria was going to be Puerto Rican Barbie, too, but when she arrived she screamed Rosalia to me. Which is why Maria somehow has green eyes and looks more like Russian!Natalie Wood—apologies!) I took a few photos tonight, and photoshopped this one to look all vintage-y, but would like to get a nicer looking diorama-style background of some sort before I start taking looots of pictures. So this is basically a teaser—hope you enjoy! :)

She LOOKS pretty!

Date: 2015-07-05 07:07 am (UTC)
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Good job! She looks really pretty! As a fellow doll enthusiast, I can appreciate the work that you went to in order to create the perfect photo of your Barbie version of Maria.

I am hoping to someday create an entire set of photographed scenes from "West Side Story", using My Scene dolls and doll clothes; some of the doll clothes will be distressed. I can't promise that my photos will REALLY evoke the true spirit of the 1950s, because I don't really sew; I'll be choosing, and, in SOME cases, distressing modern doll clothes, but I'll TRY for that 1950s feel.


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