Apr. 9th, 2017

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BWW Interview: WEST SIDE STORY's Evy Ortiz Answers Six Questions & A Plug

by Kristen Hirsch Montag

The Ordway in Saint Paul opens WEST SIDE STORY April 6 with a cast of mostly local performers, including phenom Tyler Michaels as Tony.

His on-stage love interest is played by Evy Ortiz (Maria), who is a vocal match for his well-known pipes. The two make beautiful music together as the star-crossed lovers from the well-worn musical by Arthur Laurents, Leonard Bernstein and Steven Sondheim. The production is visually appealing, well cast and the orchestra, led by local conductor Raymond Berg, is pitch perfect. The choreography (Diane Laurenson) is recreated or at least heavily influenced from the original stage version by the looks of it so this show is everything traditionalists will want from it.

Ortiz took a moment from rehearsals this week to respond to 6 Questions & a Plug. Learn more about this lovely actor/singer and get your tickets to WEST SIDE STORY before they're all gone.
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