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WEST SIDE STORY - Broadway, Movie, Remake?

by Pat Cerasaro

Today, in honor of Steven Spielberg's admission this week that he is contemplating a big screen remake of it, we salute one of the most high profile musicals ever written, WEST SIDE STORY.

One Hand, One Heart

The game? Create a perfect musical. The players? Leonard Bernstein. Stephen Sondheim. Arthur Laurents. Jerome Robbins. William Shakespeare. Honestly, could a more wildly ambitious and attention-worthy creative team possibly ever top that? Read more... )
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The Broadway Star Who Got Away
Why Karen Olivo Left the Big City


Fans of Karen Olivo could hardly have been surprised when she belted out what Charles Isherwood of The New York Times called a “rafter-rattling performance” of “Come to Your Senses” at City Center last weekend. They knew this Tony Award-winning actress could sing, so her well-received turn in the Encores! Off-Center presentation of “Tick, Tick ... Boom!,” which grapples with the sacrifices it takes to make a life in the theater, was to be expected.

Then again, that she was on a New York stage at all was a bit unusual. Hadn’t she made a decision much like her dancer character in the show and retired from performing?

Early last year, Ms. Olivo, 37 and a 2009 Tony winner for “West Side Story,” announced in a blog post that she was “starting over.” Shortly thereafter, she left New York for Madison, Wis. “It took a good look at what I was capable of to see that what I was giving away for the price of a ticket was a fraction of me,” she wrote in a message that concluded, “I leave behind the actor, and I start learning how to be me.”
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30 Days Of The 2014 Tony Awards: Day #16 - WEST SIDE STORY

Pat Cerasaro

Today we continue the 2014 edition of our annual BroadwayWorld feature series spotlighting the very best Tony Awards-related moments of all time with a special focus on one of the most high profile musicals ever written, WEST SIDE STORY.
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Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan Join The Last 5 Years

Lucky Monkey Pictures and Sh-K-Boom Records announced today Academy Award-and Tony Award nominated actress Anna Kendrick and Tony Award and Grammy Award nominated Jeremy Jordan (Smash, Joyful Noise) will star in the film adaptation of Jason Robert Brown's acclaimed musical The Last 5 Years to be written and directed by Academy Award nominee Richard LaGravenese. Read more... )
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Yesterday, Roy Miller, one of the producers on the 2009 revival of West Side Story on Broadway died suddenly. In addition to being a producer on WSS, he touched the lives of so many other theater productions, including Ragtime and The Drowsy Chaperone, among others. His legacy will live on forever, and we are honored to continue his work on the road, by giving all of America an opportunity to experience the beauty and heartfelt message that West Side Story brings to its viewers. RIP Roy Miller
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West Side Story is a timeless classic

By Ben Ryland

Arthur Laurents directed a “West Side Story” for the 21st century. The recent acclaimed 2009 Broadway revival tour will play this weekend at The Hanover Theatre in Worcester for five performances Dec. 28-30. Laurents’ production has been recreated for the tour by David Saint and choreographed by Joey McKneely reproducing the original Jerome Robbins icon work.

“I thought ‘West Side Story’ was going to be a flop,” states Laurents who passed away shortly after the revival opened in New York City in March 2009. “I thought it would run for three months…I felt the gangs in the original production were sweet little things. I wanted to do a much tougher ‘West Side Story.’” More than 50 years later he had the chance.
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InDepth InterView: Karen Olivo Talks THE GOOD WIFE, Upcoming Projects & Looks Back

by Pat Cerasaro

Today we are talking to one of Broadway’s brightest new marquee names all about her Tony Award-winning work in the recent revival of WEST SIDE STORY, Read more... )
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Women and Gender in Musicals Week: Female Friendship, Madonna/Whore Stereotypes and Rape Culture in 'West Side Story'

Posted by Megan "The Opinioness" Kearns

[Trigger warning for rape] | Spoilers ahead

West Side Story is one of my absolute favorite musicals. I adore the catchy lyrics, the breathtakingly exquisite choreography and cinematography, the heartbreaking love story. A modern Romeo and Juliet taking place in New York City amongst two rival gangs -- one white, one Puerto Rican -- it tackles racism, bigotry, murder and teen angst. But many audiences overlook the film’s portrayal of gender, female friendship and rape culture.

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BWW Reviews: PRiMA's MUSIC OF WEST SIDE STORY Sizzles with Josefina Scaglione

by Marakay Rogers

'The Music of WEST SIDE STORY' is the latest offering in PRiMA Theatre's staged music events. This one is notable not only for its reinterpretation of the music and dance of Leonard Bernstein's classic score (Stephen Sondheim's lyrics are perfectly maintained), but for its inclusion in its cast of the 2009 revival's Tony-nominated Maria, Josefina Scaglione. Managing Director Mitchell Nugent has created an electric production worthy of the acoustics at Ware Center.
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BWW Interviews: Josefina Scaglione on the Music of WEST SIDE STORY and More

When Arthur Laurents decided to revive WEST SIDE STORY, one of his challenges was finding a new cast. Now famously, after being dissatisfied with any number of would-be Marias, Laurents was steered to a YouTube video of a young Argentinian performer, Josefina Scaglione. One Outer Critics Circle Award and one Tony nomination later, she's performing in Lancaster with PRiMA Theatre in a concert of the music from WEST SIDE STORY and learning about Central Pennsylvania.

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Sondheim's lyrics translated into Spanish by Lin-Manuel Miranda


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