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Rita Moreno remembers West Side Story's bold, subversive 'America'
The 85-year-old film legend talks about delicious dance moves, blingy costumes, and porny shops

Joe McGovern@jmcgvrn

In 1961, Rita Moreno achieved movie immortality with her performance as the no-nonsense Anita in West Side Story. Set within a vibrant Puerto Rican community in New York City (though filmed almost entirely in Los Angeles), the film won 10 Oscars, including best supporting actress for Moreno and best picture.

The actress, now 85 and earning raves for her work on Netflix’s One Day at a Time, talked to EW about the barnstorming song-and-dance number “America,” in which she jousts with her boyfriend (George Chakiris) about the pros and cons of their adopted home.

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Group Dance: West Side Story Medley - Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Musicals Week

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Janel Parrish Earns Perfect Score for West Side Story Performance on DWTS!

On last night's Dancing With the Stars Season 19, Week 3 the stars danced to music from iconic films for Movie Night. Broadway actress Janel Parrish and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy chose to perform a Jazz number to "America" from the classic musical West Side Story.

Following their energetic number, judge Julianne Hough gushed, "What just happened?! I felt like I was watching a full-on Broadway show!" The couple received a PERFECT SCORE of 40!
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