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West Side Story Characters
Click on a character's name for a full description. (Available for StageAgent Pro members.)

Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
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How we made ... Russ Tamblyn and George Chakiris on West Side Story
'I hadn't wanted to play Riff since my dancing wasn't great. I ended up doing a lot of strutting'

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Apr. 25th, 2012 06:36 pm
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West Side Story’s German Santiago Gives Advice On How to Dodge Bar Fights on the Road

By Staff

We polled actors on tour for their tips on surviving the ultimate road trip. From buses and planes, new cities every few weeks, to hotel rooms as temporary homes, these actors have mastered the art of the bus-and-truck lifestyle. This edition of Road Rules features German Santiago, who plays the macho Bernardo in the national tour of West Side Story. Santiago filled out our questionnaire and revealed his tips for avoiding jetlag and bar brawls.
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Fascinating look at a casting call for an upcoming production.

Non-Equity National Tour of “West Side Story”

by Kristen Trahan

Producer: Troika Entertainment
Director: David Saint
Jerome Robbins’ Choreography Recreated By: Joey McKneely
Casting: Clemmons/Dewing Casting
Music: Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
Book: Arthur Laurents, David Saint (revisions)

Rehearsals begin September 24, 2012; First performance is October 29, 2012. Contracted through July 2013.
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Title: Call On Your Angels
Rating: K+/PG
Summary: Post-movie. Tony, Riff, and Bernardo are assigned to a discouraged Schrank and Krupke on Christmas Eve.

The song A New York Christmas was the main inspiration behind this piece. I originally wrote it with the lyrics included, but since no longer allows that, I had to remove them for that version.

If anyone wants to see it as I fully intended, with lyrics, it's here: But while commenting is open to everyone at, it's Friends Only on my fic journal, due to my having been harassed on LJ in the past.

Merry Christmas!
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To mark the golden anniversary of the cinematic masterpiece set on the 1950s streets of New York, Amy Robach sits down with Rita Moreno and other stars of “West Side Story.”

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Had a mini photo-shoot tonight, then proceeded to somehow kill all 65 photos on the memory card. Sigh. Anyway, retook a couple shots to post, hope you enjoy!

these are a bit wide )

Tony, Riff, and Krupke/Schrank coming soon. :)

next up

Sep. 6th, 2011 12:04 am
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is Bernardo! He had long hair that would have worked pretty well for George Akram, I think, but since I'm basing him on George Chakiris, I had to give him a haircut. Which is why he may or may not have a little bald spot on one side of his head. Thanks to some careful posing, though, his follicular dignity remains intact. ;) Hope you enjoy!

One Fanfic

Aug. 8th, 2011 12:28 pm
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A Conversation of Lost Souls After a gang-related shooting, Lieutenant Schrank encounters the spirits of Riff and Bernardo (and Tony, briefly).
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West side story coming to cleveland, hispanicohio interviews bernardo

Marcus Atkinson editor

The famed live musical, “West Side Story” is coming to Cleveland’s Playhouse Square Tuesday, May 3, 7:30p.m. The tale of two love struck teenagers is separated by culture, ethnicity, and family but love brings them together in this modern version of Romeo and Juliet.

In West Side Story, Puerto Rican immigrants come to the heart of New York City to begin a new life, but are confronted by those who do not share their views of openness. had a chance to talk to German Santiago who plays Bernardo, a key character in the musical.
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Steps in time with George Chakiris

by Bill Biss
EDGE Contributor

With the national tour of West Side Story in full swing across the country, EDGE thought it would be of interest to speak with George Chakiris, one of the stars of the Oscar-winning 1961 film version. Chakiris also won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his portrayal of Bernardo, the leader of the Latino gang The Sharks, dancing, quite spectacularly, to Jerome Robbins’ choreography.
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Meet the men of West Side Story (on tour)

by Jim Halterman

It’s no big surprise when thinking of the most iconic American musicals of the 20th Century that West Side Story is easily at the top of the list. The Romeo And Juliet-esque love story of Tony and Maria, the battle between gangs the Jets and the Sharks and, of course, the script by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and the amazing choreography by Jerome Robbins has made it one of the most memorable stage musicals ever and the film adaptation is still seen as one of the best movie musicals ever produced.

With a successful revival on Broadway closing, West Side Story has also hit the road and is now touring the United States. Read more... )
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Original West Side Story film stars George Chakiris (Bernardo) and Russ Tamblyn (Riff) were among those on hand to celebrate the Nov. 30 opening of the show's national tour at Los Angeles' Pantages Theatre.
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"This version is more violent than the original musical," said actor Drew Foster during the afternoon of opening night in Austin. "Laurents updated it to show what real gang members are about -- that they would be capable of killing someone. It is more realistic, the racial remarks have been upped. The gang speaks Spanish to each other when they're together."

Foster and Nathan Keen -- another actor in the touring company -- are recent college graduates, but their professional careers began when they were children. Foster, who studied at The Juilliard School , started performing in regional theater in Florida at age 6; Keen, a graduate of Otterbein College in Ohio, got the acting bug in Detroit at age 4. Keen appeared in touring companies of "Beauty and the Beast," "Les Miserables" and "Ragtime."

They have both been with "West Side Story" since the touring show started in October and will be with the run when it ends in July 2012.

"It's live stage combat," Keen said about the action in the play. "Every actor learns in school how to make fights look real and safe, and sometimes we get hurt, if something's done the wrong way." Broken noses happen, and with all the dancing in the musical, "dancing hurts."

The pair demonstrated just how they "fake" a fight, as Foster hit Keen in the stomach with a baseball bat and Keen doubled over with a shout of pain. In reality, the bat was not wooden, but made of flexible foam, and the cry of pain -- well, it was good acting.

For all the action and the intense physical demands of "West Side Story," the pair said they love being in one of the most famous musicials every created.

"We're very lucky to be part of the cast," Foster said.

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Broadway Actors Who Are Bracing for Final Curtain


In the theater every closing night stirs up a bevy of feelings: sadness, elation, relief, anxiety. Those and many other emotions will be running high across Broadway soon, as 15 productions — almost half the shows currently playing — are scheduled to go dark by the end of January. (Reasons for the mass exodus vary; some shows are closing because of sagging ticket sales, others are finishing limited engagements.)

For actors who have been with their shows for several years, from workshops to Broadway, closing-night tears often sting more sharply. Playing the same character eight shows a week will do that to a person. Five actors spoke about saying goodbye to their characters and what will happen after the curtains come down.
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Photos of the National Touring Company production are now up on Ali Ewoldt's Facebook.

Additional photos from Kyle's website :
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