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Group Dance: West Side Story Medley - Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Musicals Week

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10 iconic movie-musical dances, according to a Broadway choreographer

By Marc Snetiker

If your favorite part of NBC’s dearly departed Smash was the dynamite dancing in the Broadway-style musical numbers, you can thank Joshua Bergasse, the award-winning choreographer behind them.

Bergasse, who’s also choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance, is now the dancemaster behind the new Broadway revival of On the Town, the ballet-tinged musical that opened to rave reviews in New York this October. While choreography for live theater has its differences than the dances you see on film, Bergasse grew up watching the same movie-musicals that are beloved among fans of the genre—films which have even helped inspire him in his stage work.

EW invited Bergasse into the office for a good old-fashioned YouTube spiral, wherein the Emmy winner shared ten of his all-time favorite onscreen movie-musical dance sequences. Some picks are iconic and familiar—who doesn’t love Singin’ in the Rain?—while others could very well send you scrambling to find a copy of your new favorite musical film.
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Ogunquit's WEST SIDE STORY Cast Gets 'Cool' in Central Park

West Side Story, one of the greatest love stories of all time, recently played at the Ogunquit Playhouse stage, helmed by Broadway veteran director BT McNicholl. Choreographer Jeffry Denman reunited the cast to give 'Cool' a new life in Central Park.
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Photos of Leonard Bernstein’s manuscripts for songs from West Side Story. Clockwise from top left: Cool, Something’s Coming, Maria, Somewhere.
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Clearly this is a little publicity for the 2010-12 National Tour which will be appearing at
the Toronto Center for the Arts 5/8/12 – 6/3/12


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