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Two fun gifs from Tumblr :

 photo 152013jets1_zpsa597256e.gif

 photo 152013jets2_zps911493a9.gif
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by lfm241

For my advanced motion graphics class, I created a new opening sequence for the epic musical, "West Side Story." Inspired by the beautiful music, I put a more modern twist on the classic film.
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Saul Bass : a Life in Film & Design by Jennifer Bass and Pat Kirkham. Saul was, of course, the graphic designer for the 1961 film. He and his wife Elaine created the opening and closing sequences of the film as well as being responsible for the aerial photography at the beginning of the film.
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10 Of Saul Bass' Greatest Title Sequences

by Oliver Lyttelton

The art of movie titles is becoming an increasingly lost one: aside from a few films (the Bond movies) and directors (Steven Spielberg, David Fincher and Jason Reitman always pay particular attention to their credit sequences), it feels like relatively little care is taken over such things, with many movies dumping them altogether. And it's hard not to put that down to the fact that we don't have guys like Saul Bass around anymore.
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Storyboards for the opening sequence of West Side Story (1961, dir. Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins) Sketches by Saul & Elaine Bass
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