Jul. 28th, 2011

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I've created a mirror community here at Dreamwidth. Just in case.
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Ah, Kyle - you snappy dresser - you look like you just finished cutting the grass and wandered into the studio
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West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Pre-Orders Now Available

by Matthew Smith

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that they will give the 1961 musical West Side Story its Blu-ray debut in a 50th Anniversary Edition on November 15th. The studio is claiming that the film, which won 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture, has undergone hundreds of hours of restoration and will feature a 2:20:1 aspect ratio with 7.1 HD-DTS Master Audio.

The film version of West Side Story is an adaptation of the stage play in which the relationship of two lovers is complicated by the animosity of two rival street gangs, akin to Romeo and Juliet. The two leads are Tony (Richard Beymer), a member of the Jets gang, and his love interest Maria (Natalie Wood), who is a sister to the leader of the Sharks gang. Like most musicals, the film is best remembered for its songs and dance sequences, which include "Maria", "America", "Tonight" and "I Feel Pretty".

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